What I Can Do for You

It’s normal for individuals, teams, and organizations to struggle with change, even when the change is supposed to be an improvement from the status quo. I typically work onsite at an organization to see and hear how things are going so we can create a change plan together. My superpower is to help people reframe things to find a way forward and ultimately to help them shine as trusted leaders in their organizations. The key is the relationship we create together—my role as an agile coach shifts based on your needs. One client called me her “super coach,” and we functioned as partners and colleagues in coaching an organizational transformation. Let’s chat and decide the best way I can serve you.

We would enjoy talking together if you…

  • Dream of an organization that can pivot its software solutions because of its incredible high-trust culture

  • Envision teams that are engaged in delivering meaningful outcomes for real human customers

  • Imagine being an inspired leader who coaches people to have better relationships with their work and their coworkers

  • Believe in connecting with others in the agile community to deepen your skills and be more impactful in change efforts

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Looking for a dynamic speaker to connect with your audience? Each year I speak at several public conferences and internal events, and I’m always developing new talks or improving on already-delivered talks.

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Coaching can take many forms. I typically work onsite with leaders to develop a change strategy, mentor Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches, and encourage teams to adopt agile practices that make sense. My goal is to leave your organization with greater agility and an internal coaching capability that enables continuous improvement.

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Starting new teams, struggling with role changes, or need help with a large group planning or retrospective event? I design and facilitate workshops to support groups in transition.

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Leaders often ask about the “maturity” of their teams, who are then subjected to an evaluation. In my experience, a meaningful assessment functions as a deep-dive retrospective tool for teams to reflect on how they're doing and identify areas to improve. The Agile Fluency™ Diagnostic is designed for that, and it also highlights the team’s strengths to create a positive, generative experience.