Technical Excellence Talks

Not Technical? Not a Problem! Introducing Engineering Practices without being hands-on

How do you coach teams in software craftsmanship practices when you are "Not Technical"? We assume our teams are addressing and improving their technical practices on an ongoing basis... and we all know what happens with assumptions!!! If the teams are not paying attention to their technical practices, the codebase is going to be a mess so big and so deep and so tall, you can not clean it up. Life will be BAD! How do you keep an agile team from losing productivity and not hyper-productively making a mess? Teams may not know where to get started adopting practices, but what can you do about it when you're "Not Technical"??

In this workshop, Allison and Pradeepa will create a knowledge sharing and learning environment where attendees will play a series of games to have an increased awareness of technical practices. Attendees will have a deeper understanding of technical practices and feel more comfortable introducing them in their organizations. Allison and Pradeepa will also introduce a bunch of tips and techniques for leveraging the technical expertise inside or outside the organization.

This session will help non-technical Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and other leaders feel more confident introducing technical practices to their teams and leadership. Attendees will take away strategies to support their organization in enhancing their technical practices.

This workshop was co-developed with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy. It has been presented at:

  • Agile 2017

  • DFW Scrum

  • Agile Community of Practice in Dallas

Technical Excellence Doesn't Just Happen – Igniting a Craftsmanship Culture

The ninth principle from the Agile Manifesto states that technical excellence enhances agility, but when the codebase is ugly and the deadlines are tight, most teams don’t choose to refactor mercilessly, adopt TDD, or evaluate automated testing tools—unless they have the proper support. In our experience working with multiple teams in a single codebase, developers can feel victim to a legacy codebase if only a few people are writing clean code or refactoring; guiding them on how to decrease technical debt while delivering their projects helps "unstuck" their other agile practices. We will talk about the challenges we’ve seen with Product Owners, Managers, and Scrum Masters interacting with teams at various stages of agile+technical excellence and how a focus on technical practices sparked a wider interest in craftsmanship.

Learn how can you influence the team towards the right practices while fostering their sense of ownership. Getting serious about technical excellence requires support from technical and non-technical roles, and we’ll share how we partnered as coaches to help an organization through a technical turnaround with some tips for others who need to do the same.

This talk was co-developed with Mike Rieser. It has been presented at:

  • Southern Fried Agile

  • Houston TechFest

  • Keep Austin Agile

  • Agile Indy

  • Dallas TechFest

  • Agile 2015