Team Dynamics and Collaborative Culture Talks

Brewing Great Agile Team Dynamics: No More "Bitter Beer Face” Communications

Ever find yourself making a sour face after talking to a coworker? Wishing your team meetings felt more like an engaging social hour? There is hope.

The DISC model can help you understand why your team behaves the way it does and build trust for a more agile team. In this interactive session, Allison and Barry will introduce the DISC model to explain the four behavior types that are the ingredients in any team. Together we’ll explore the characteristics of these ingredients and how they react with one another. Join us to learn about the behavior styles of you and your team using DISC, how to communicate better together, and increase trust in the team.

This talk was co-developed with Barry Forrest. It has been presented at:

  • dsmAgile

  • Agile Dev West

  • Keep Austin Agile

  • AgileCamp Dallas

  • Agile Arizona

  • AgileIndy

Creating Strong and Passionate Communities of Practice

Everyone hits a challenge at some point in adopting agile and belonging to a larger community can help you overcome those challenges. Whether you call it a tribe, a user group, or a community of practice, having a group of people to share ideas with and learn from is a valuable tool to further your personal development and maintain your sanity. Learn about what communities of practice are, how to start them, and why they’re an important part of growing agile.

This talk was co-developed with Ty Crockett. It has been presented at:

  • Improving College Station

  • AgileDotNext in Houston

  • Dallas Agile Leadership Network

Eliminating Barriers: No More Us vs. Them

Agility is an organization’s ability to respond to change and take advantage of opportunities. Organizational agility is more about being able to inspect and adapt in the large. Introducing Agile frameworks into your IT department doesn’t magically make your organization more responsive to customers’ needs or the market competition–it makes problems visible. Join us as we explore the common barriers that become visible in organizations as development teams adopt Agile practices, including areas of your organization where problems may lie and indicators to recognize them. As a group, we will be discussing tips for overcoming barriers to making your organization more Agile and bringing your development teams closer to customers.

This talk was co-developed with Ty Crockett. It has been presented at:

  • AgileDotNet Dallas