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Looking for an experience that sparks change and learning?

I design and facilitate workshops to support groups in transition.

Do you know how to design events to be engaging, produce new thinking, and lead to clear actions? A great facilitator can make such experiences meaningful and productive, not just for the current product or work but also for the overall health and development of the team. Years ago, I embraced the challenge to facilitate great retrospectives, so much so that one of my friends refers to me as the “Retrospective Diva.” That intentional practice combined with continued learning have made me a strong facilitator of all types of events. My professional coaching training enables me to work with conflict and complex topics.

Types of Events I Facilitate

  • Team/project kickoffs and resets

  • Multi-team big room planning meetings

  • Team workshops on behavior types/interactions, roles, and conflict

  • Open space events

  • Retrospectives for project teams, leadership teams, or larger audiences

  • Organizational change workshops

Experience highlights

  • Co-facilitated Agile Coach Camp Canada 2018 open space event, 120 participants

  • Facilitated Stalwarts session for Lyssa Adkins, over 100 attendees – Lyssa later described the session as a “peak experience”

  • Co-facilitated open space day at Scrum Gathering 2017, 1200 participants

  • Led team workshops introducing DISC behavioral profiles to increase teamwork and resolve conflicts

  • Conducted 1-2 day agile chartering workshops for 25+ project teams and relevant stakeholders in which attendees received relevant agile training, as well as a user story writing workshop to kick off their projects

  • Designed and led retrospectives for multi-team programs

What Others Say

Allison is skilled in calming troubled waters, reducing tension and engaging people in a more meaningful and authentic dance with the challenges they face.
Thanks for putting together a thoughtful and engaging session.
The best conference talks/workshops are the ones where the presenters guide you to a massive self-realization.

Like when Allison just helped me realize that, good grief, fear of rejection really DOES rule my life.
I am convinced that Allison is a wizard. Her midwifery of Lyssa Adkins’s Stalwart session was masterful. #Agile2017
Just thinking again about the Allison and Jake #SGCAL opening space: clear, welcoming, pragmatic, & *brief*! :-)