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Great agile teams need coaching

Claim the role and make it yours.

Coaching can take many forms, and it can be confusing to understand how it works. Rather than spend significant time upfront teaching and explaining how something is to be done step-by-step, I help individuals and teams learn by doing. I typically coach onsite to reflect observations, ask provocative questions, and provide ideas in the context of the teams’ and leaders’ daily work. The focus is on practice-and-reflection rather than process implementation. The result is increased organization capabilities for change from the start because employees are involved in shaping the change throughout.

My approach includes working with leaders to understand what agile means for the organization and their role in supporting team-based work. I have experience creating Agile Centers of Excellence to provide ongoing training, mentoring, and coaching services across an organization. These are formed to be unlike groups that focus solely on framework adoption, maturity assessments, and governance. The benefits of an agile approach can be measured in business outcomes, and practices must evolve over time to meet business needs. Accordingly, an Agile Center of Excellence needs a strong vision and actionable metrics that will allow it to pivot offerings to best serve the organization over time.

As part of an integrated coaching engagement, I mentor Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to step into their roles more fully and encourage teams to adopt agile practices that make sense. Effective Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches are agile-lean practitioners who deepen their training, mentoring, facilitation, and coaching skills. I help them become better agilists and develop their skills through regular team interactions and focused communities of practice. Moreover, the people I mentor gain confidence as internal advocates for change as they develop their own coaching style. My goal is to leave your organization with greater agility and an internal coaching capability that enables continuous improvement.

What Others Say

I’d often look to her as a thought-leader in the team performance and Scrum space.
She’s just an amazing coach — an amazing human being
[Allison] helped my team to be the forerunner of adopting new technologies such as automation, refactoring and new processes such as Kanban.
I’ve experienced her supporting Scrum Masters as they transition from being the Scrum police to a much more effective and organic stance.