Leadership Link Round-Up

Photo by Will Lion

Photo by Will Lion

I've been keeping some blog posts marked as unread in my Google Reader, waiting for the moment to post them here.  The time is now.

5 Essential Skills for Contemporary Leaders by Nan S. Russell.  I was sold at #1, operating with trust.  'Nuff said.

Managers Should Not Be Coaching Developers by Jurgen Appelo.  I've been interested in the role of management in agile adoptions recently, and Jurgen seems to be providing the answers I've been looking for; I have his book, Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders, on my shelf waiting to be read.  I believe teams often need coaches, but I respect that he says managers need to manage the system.  It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

Influence and Authority: Using Your Personal Power to Get Things Done by Johanna Rothman.  Johanna posted a slide deck from a recent presentation, and it touches on the challenges of verbal persuasion.  I love her slide on "When do people change their behavior" because I think we often assume that we've made the case for change when we're only halfway there.

How Self-Compassion Makes You a Better Leader by Henna Inam.  I'm guilty of being quite critical of myself, so I needed this reminder to not be so hard on myself so I can learn from my mistakes and be happier.  According to the test, I am moderately self-compassionate, so I have room for improvement.

Allison Pollard

I help people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities. As an agile coach with Improving in Dallas, I enjoy mentoring others to become great Scrum Masters, coaching managers to grow teams that deliver amazing results, and fostering communities that provide sustainability for agile transformations. In my experience, applying agile methods improves delivery, strengthens relationships, and builds trust between business and IT. A big believer in the power of community-based learning, I grew the DFW Scrum user group significantly over the five years I served as an organizer. I am also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a foodie, and proud glasses wearer.