Photo by sportsandsocial

Photo by sportsandsocial

If a change agent needs a strong ability to self-motivate, how does one strengthen that skill or capability?  I joined the gym in January, and my motivation was [and is] to be more active.  Because I was overwhelmed by the gym equipment and didn't know where to begin, I signed up for personal training.  I am motivated to go to the gym, but it is my fitness trainer who pushes me to keep running or lifting weights or whatever it is that I'm doing, reminding me that it is harder to start again if I stop.  There are plenty of times when I still stop to catch my breath, but I refocus and get to the end.  And I've noticed over time that I can do more before I feel the urge to stop.  Working to affect change in an organization can feel like we're stretching ourselves and using muscles that haven't been used much recently.  It can leave you feeling breathless and overwhelmed.  But it is our ability to push beyond the pain, to pick ourselves up when we want to stay in our resting position, that makes us strong and gives us an advantage.

My tips for increasing self-motivation:

  1. Know your goal.
  2. Believe in your goal.
  3. Recognize the small accomplishments.
  4. Tell others about your goal and your progress.

How do you stay motivated?  Is motivation a skill you can improve?

Allison Pollard

I help people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities. As an agile coach with Improving in Dallas, I enjoy mentoring others to become great Scrum Masters, coaching managers to grow teams that deliver amazing results, and fostering communities that provide sustainability for agile transformations. In my experience, applying agile methods improves delivery, strengthens relationships, and builds trust between business and IT. A big believer in the power of community-based learning, I grew the DFW Scrum user group significantly over the five years I served as an organizer. I am also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a foodie, and proud glasses wearer.