Life's Too Short

Photo by Sarah Parrott

Photo by Sarah Parrott

Yesterday was Christmas, and my husband and I spent the day at my parents' house.  My typical attitude towards the holidays is along the lines of "bah humbug," although I do care enough to spend time with family and friends (and buy gifts they'll enjoy).  But the stress of finding the perfect gifts and organizing a long-running game night tradition with friends while trying to keep work issues from bubbling over into a larger mess as I felt like I was being pushed aside like a child meant I started to shut down.  Only I didn't go into a hibernation mode early enough, so others got to witness the ugliness of me reaching my breaking point.

The joys of being human.

Rachel Davies blogged in 2011 about sustainable pace as a coach.  I've realized that I haven't been taking very good care of myself recently--I've been going to bed late and skipping the gym in the morning, and my diet has been unhealthier than usual.  I rely on routines to reduce stress, and I haven't been following them!  So now I'm trying to show myself some compassion and forgive myself for getting so off track.

As my mom told me yesterday, "life's too short" to hold grudges.

Allison Pollard

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