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What team capabilities do you need to be agile?

I can help you discover what will benefit you and your organization.

Agile is not an end in itself. It is a means to achieving business outcomes. Misunderstandings about what capabilities a team needs, what benefits to expect from those capabilities, and the organizational investment necessary to progress are all too common. And despite its popularity, agile doesn’t always achieve what organizations expect.


Agile development is fundamentally a team effort and the success of an organization ultimately depends on its teams. Teams that have stopped making progress often lack the right direction, the right focus, or the right conditions for deliberate practice.

The Agile Fluency Model™ is a model of team fluency—the habit of exhibiting the proficiency at all times, even when under pressure. Anyone can follow a set of techniques when given time to focus in a classroom; true fluency is skillful, routine ease that persists when your mind is distracted with other things.

Team fluency depends on more than the capabilities of the individuals on the team. It also depends on management structures, relationships, and organizational culture, as well as the tools, technologies, and practices the teams use.

The Diagnostic is a facilitated self-assessment conducted by an experienced agile coach. If you're interested in understand how your teams are progressing, contact me to facilitate the Agile Fluency Diagnostic with your team.


The Diagnostic Process


The Diagnostic starts with us discussing your organizational goals and, based on those goals, which Agile Fluency Zones are the best fit for your teams.


Next, I will lead a self-assessment workshop for each of your teams. I will use targeted questions and exercises to guide team members to new insights about the nature of their work, the benefits they’re providing, and where they have opportunities for improvement.


Finally, I will curate the results of all the self-assessment workshops into a set of reports and recommendations. Some will be given to teams, to reinforce the insights they gained from their workshops. Others will look at trends across all your teams, giving you new information about how your organizational system affects team fluency. I will suggest several options for changes that will help you meet your organizational goals.

Agile Fluency is a trademark of James Shore and Diana Larsen

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